About Our Media Site

Covenant Presbyterian Church of Monroe, Louisiana

Advantages to Registering for a Free Membership

Why a media website?

Our church's website, covenantepc.com, contains information regarding the church, its mission, beliefs and many other topics.

Plans to expand our media ministry caused us to think about the fact that people might find it much easier to locate media on a website dedicated to media, rather than among all the other information on our main church website. So, we decided to create this site, building it such that it accommodates growth in all areas of our media ministry now and in the future.

What you will find here

Our plans are to make multiple forms of media available to the public and our members. Members can access additional features through their free online account. Forms of media will include the following:

  • PODCASTS- We will continue to develop new podcasts for various ministry groups in addition to our sermon podcast.
  • PASTOR/AUTHOR'S NOTES- Attached to each sermon, or other podcast episode, will be the pastor's or podcast author's notes for your study.
  • YOUR NOTES- If you sign up for a free membership, you will be able to take your own notes while listening to any sermon or other podcast episode. You can then save your notes and they will appear with that sermon or podcast episode every time you sign in to your account.
  • SAVE YOUR PROGRESS- If you sign in to your account and start listening to a sermon or other podcast episode, your progress will be saved so that, in the event you don't have time to finish listening all the way to the end, when you sign back in you can take up where you left off.
  • VIDEO- From time to time we will offer video from conferences as well as other single, one-time videos to address certain needs.
  • NEW MUSIC- Covenant is in the process of creating new music as an offering to the church at large. More on this later.
  • MUSIC USED IN SERVICES- Where we have permission, we will attach music used in services from which sermons are posted. Each song or hymn can reference the actual sheet music, an audio or video file to which you can listen or all three.

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  • Take and save notes while listening.
  • Save your listening progress in order to pause and finish listening later.
  • Save a specific sermon or podcast episode as a favorite for quick future access.
  • Be notified whenever a new sermon or podcast episode of your choice has been added.